mardi 26 mars 2013

You Just Need to Believe

Magic does not exist, they said
But just lift up your head
And see.

The Clouds in the sky are castles
and listen to the wind who bristles
He speaks.

Now, stretch your arms without fear
Don't you feel, don't you hear?
Wind is your Master,
Wind is your Lover.

Stretch your arms without fear, he wispers
Magis does exist ; his breath in your neck
You just need to believe ; his hands and your fingers

Look at the sky, their is no deck
You do can fly, little flower
You're a Faërie and I'm your lover.


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    1. Merci, j'ai oublié de corriger quelques fautes cependant... si ce n'est pas indiscret, à qui ai-je l'honneur? C'est rare que je reçoive des compliment sur ce genre d'article^^